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  * Make your own silver jewellery without having any experience in jewellery making.
    * No expensive equipment needed - we supply all that you need for you to design & create
      your own lovely piece of fine silver jewellery. Learn how to make your very own jewellery gifts.

For those who want to go on to make silver jewellery from PMC on a business basis
or more indepth then we have a Diploma course, which is recognised by PMC Guild International.


What is PMC?

Precious Metal Clay is microscopic particles of silver are mixed with a moist binder
to create a material that has the feel and working properties of modeling clay.
Once modeled into the shape required it is dried, and heated to temperatures
approaching the melting point of the metal, where the particles fuse together to make
a dense, fully metallic object. It becomes 99.9% silver and can be hallmarked 999
- whereas
the sterling silver we normally purchase is 925 because it has other
metals included within it.

Silver Precious Metal Clay can be purchased as 'PMC' and 'Art Clay Silver' brand names.

Silver Clay, is a way of people, making real silver items out of a clay-like material.
You can make gifts or personal items without having to expend large amounts of
money on expensive silversmithing tools.

Once you know the basics, you can have fun making your own designs.
You can also develop your skills further and make more professional items -
to set up your own jewellery making business or for pleasure.

Apart from silver there are gold and bronze clays available.
Including Gold Clay, BronzClay and CopprClay by Metal Adventures -
all need to be fired in a kiln, unlike silver which can be done with a butane torch.
There is also another make of Bronze by Prometheus.

Some clays can only be fired with activated carbon e.g copper, bronze and PMC Pro.

Syringe is a form of precious metal clay that comes ready made up in a syringe -
which contains more binding agent so that it keeps its consistency.
Syringe has many uses from repairs, decoration, setting stones to filigree work.

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